A case study: Ensuring productivity during a move

The challenge:

Every real estate relocation comes with unique challenges; MMK Consulting’s partnership with a Boston-based client was no exception. Not only were we tasked with moving the client’s 2,550-person office to a newly constructed, modern facility with minimal to no interruptions, but we also needed to orchestrate a massive technology transfer.

Previous client experience taught us it is imperative that employees at every level feel included in relocation communications and next steps; this helps mitigate the loss of productivity and emotional responses that often accompany a significant move. Indeed, a source of significant concern for many clients during relocations is loss of productivity.  This was a particular area of focus for this client, and we needed to keep it top of mind as we worked to problem solve and collaborate.

Our solutions:

Eliminate work interruptions

MMKC met with several partners in the client’s Boston office to understand their and their teams’ workload on a day-to-day basis and determine how best to assist them as they prepared for relocation. Through regular meetings with the project management team, we were able to explain next steps in the transition process and proactively identify ways to minimize disruption to workflow.

MMKC also provided on-the-spot solutions for any issues that arose each week.

Maintain technology standards

The use of specific types of monitors was crucial to upholding client standards. Therefore, MMKC coordinated a personalized migration plan for all required technology to the new office space.

For example, to successfully install all approved monitors in the new office, and minimize work disruption, MMKC needed to relocate the monitors two weeks prior to move-in. We coordinated with the client to set up their staff to work remotely for two days leading up to the move and liaised with their IT teams to schedule server relocation and identify technology shutdown times. We also ensured we knew of any logistical constraints for moving out of the origin building ahead of time.

The results:

MMKC successfully completed the move and office workers were able to work on day one in the new office; we helped the client meet its technology standards, save money in the process, and become more mobile.

Out of the 1,700 monitors needed in the new space, we reused 48% of monitors, and maintained the firm’s technology standards and saved the firm more than $750,000.

With all the clean-up efforts, 80% of the office went mobile, allowing staff to use workspaces more efficiently.



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