Introducing the new look and feel of MMK Consulting  

Over the last year we’ve been working behind the scenes to rebrand MMK Consulting in addition to building and launching our new website. This rebrand represents our evolution as a company. For the past 14 years, we’ve helped numerous clients relocate and refresh their office spaces, acting as a thought partner and managing the logistics to make their move successful. MMK Consulting, Inc. was born from the idea that relocating office facilities has a human side. It was the notion that we can make logistics work better by weaving that human element into process, planning and execution. This simple idea has grown and molded over the course of 14 years into a service model that is uniquely effective and beloved by our clients.

As we went through our own relocation of sorts, from one brand and one website to another, we formulated some key takeaways that we apply both to our own growth and to all of our clients’ moves.

Your move signals the future of your brand

This long-held belief is the foundation for our work. When our clients move, we have an opportunity to re-energize their brand with a new space. It’s a chance to start fresh. With that, we’re careful about how the space is organized and we apply processes to make sure we have everything up and running without sacrificing productivity. We understand that your office space represents the company and the people in it, so we know how important it is that we’re using the space effectively to convey the brand message for both employees and visitors.

In a similar vein, when we reflected on our former website, we realized it didn’t convey the look and feel we wanted to project. We needed to use our web space more effectively. As with an office move, everything had to come together to enable us to put our best face forward. We believe that the move to a new brand signals our future, and we’re deeply committed to it.

There’s always a human element

One of the things that makes our approach different is that we always give a voice to individual employees and executives throughout the process. Moving can be a challenge, and it can feel disruptive. One must have a quickness of wit and a character of empathy. We have to really listen to people and problem solve for them within the larger context of a project plan.

Our rebrand needed to reflect this human-centered approach. We used an illustrator to create an image, featured on our homepage, that felt representative of our focus on both logistics and the human element, and developed a color palette that signified warmth while also managing every detail. We wanted the site to be easy to navigate and intuitive, and feel welcoming.

Even in something that feels as technical as web development, there’s a human element. There’s an individual voice that has to be heard for everyone to walk away from the project feeling good about it. We embrace the human element in our work. As with our website, that element, combined with a sharp focus on logistics and technical precision, is what differentiates moving experiences and change.

We have evolved as an organization, and the move to a new brand represents that evolution. With a re-energized look and feel, we look forward to the years ahead providing full-service real estate relocation strategy and management for our clients. Reach out to us and let us know what you think about our rebrand.

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