We listen. And then we design a custom solution.

We take the time to understand the people and entities we serve. Whether your move is the result of a merger, organic growth, or a new location, we carefully consider and respond to your goals, people, and challenges.

We take a full-service approach to your move.

We own our clients’ relocation and transition process from end to end. We handle everything from initial project planning to implementation and review processes—so you can shift your focus to other priorities.

We minimize the discontent and loss of productivity that can accompany a large move.

Our innovative approach includes taking the time to communicate with your employees about how they will function and fit into their new workspace. In this way, we couple the logistics of relocation with the guidance and support that your professionals need when transitioning into a new work environment.

MMK Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specializing in corporate real estate transitions. We create an optimal solution that anticipates and responds to your dynamic needs in the midst of change.


Your organization is not just moving into a newly designed office. Your organization is moving toward the future of your business. That’s why we aim to make this process as smooth as possible. During this time, two main factors can affect productivity and increase the cost of the move:


The relocation of office contents and technology often requires more planning and takes longer than expected.


Without an open dialogue about details and expectations, employees can feel discontent and uncertainty about their work and their role during the relocation process.

At MMK Consulting, we combine change management with logistical relocation management to reduce the cost of moving and keep your employees productive. We include every member of your organization in the momentum of progress and change and ensure they’re prepared and know what to expect in their new work environment. Read more


We strive to make corporate real estate transition a fluid process that reflects growth. Our goal for every project is to maximize companies’ real estate investment by creating a positive experience. Throughout the process, we provide support and guidance for all organization members through open, collaborative communication.

MMK Consulting is a certified woman-owned business. Meet our team