Our Clients

We serve clients across a variety of industries, developing custom solutions that serve unique needs. From employees to equipment to sensitive files, we ensure the relocation is smooth and successful.

I so appreciate the work you have been doing for us in NY Metro. Your team continues to go above and beyond—taking ownership of the projects and tasks and making my life much easier. I trust your team 110 percent, and, even more, I truly enjoy working with you.”

— Market Operations Leader, NY

I'm sure you ‘felt the love’ on day one from some of the PwC team but I also want to express my personal thanks to you for all the hard work that led to a successful day one. MMK has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and work ethic, attention to detail, and a real commitment to placing PwC first by delivering quality services with a smile. On top of that, you are such great people to work with—I always look forward to connecting with you whenever I can. See you on the next big one!

— Manager, National Real Estate

Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you guys have done to make this move successful! I've loved every minute of it and in many ways am sad to see the project end as I will miss your team. The space is so energizing, bright, and open. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project. You guys did an amazing job!”

— Director, Tampa

This became a tough project, and we appreciate the professionalism, hard work, trust, and humor of your amazing team. Thank you!

— Director, Houston

A very big thank you to all of you for your efforts over the course of the project. It was incredible not to have to worry about things like cabling, crates, electric, and painting. You had our backs on all of that and more! It was wonderful to work with each of you. Although I’m happy to have this move behind us, I will miss working with you.

— Director, New Jersey