Preparing your Office to reopen following the COVID-19 crisis

When businesses begin plans to reopen their offices in the US, there will be new standards for cleanliness and individual space, as well as for attending to the well-being of employees. MMK Consulting can help your business surmount these challenges through our expert logistical oversight and white-glove transition services. Following are some basic guidelines to consider when creating your plan to reopen.

Cleanliness begins with organization

  • Desks, floors, and shelves that are cluttered with work papers, files, and personal trinkets will have to be cleared before a workspace can be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Materials from individual workspaces may need to be stored elsewhere, taken home by employees, or discarded. 
  • Existing storage cabinets or shelves may need to be reorganized to make room for materials that can no longer be stored at desks or in offices.
  • New filing standards and retention guidelines will help staff adjust to using their work materials in a new way. 

Physical distancing within the workplace

  • Office designs that are highly dense and open leave very little personal space and distance between individuals.
  • Reconfiguring and reducing furniture may be needed to foster physical distancing or simply to ensure the comfort of employees.
  • Creating distance that does not disrupt productivity will be paramount as teams begin to work together again.

Well-being during periods of change

  • Changes to the office environment and policies must be implemented with sensitivity to the stress of our current climate.
  • Clear and consistent messages to employees about change are essential, as are platforms for employees to share their questions and concerns with management. 
  • Transparency will help employees feel empowered and engaged during a period of transition. 
  • Attending to the emotional well-being of employees and maintaining a supportive corporate culture will lift morale and aid in retention.

This is an unprecedented time when unexpected adjustments must be made quickly and with precision. For more information, please contact MMK Consulting Inc. at 312-674-7955 or